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I was provided time to study after Program of Instruction (POI) time and on weekends.
I had computer access at the Learning Resource Center/Library after POI time.
Squad Leaders, Platoon Sergeants, Military Training Leaders and Navy Military Training Instructors treated all students fairly.
Leadership outside POI time treated all students fairly, for example, First Sergeant, Chief Petty Officer, Company Commander, and Squadron Commander.
During in-processing, I was provided information about Religious Services held at the Service level, Joint Base San Antonio and/or in surrounding community.
I felt free to report problems/concerns to my Service component Chain of Command.
I had access and time to receive mail.
I was treated fairly with regard to race, color, gender, religion, and national origin outside POI time.  If not, did you report it?
Dorms, barracks, or ships were clean and in good working condition.
I was provided the opportunity of seven continuous hours of sleep each night except during Field Training Exercises and duty.
I was satisfied with the service and food provided at the dining facility.
I was satisfied with the AAFES Post Exchange facilities, Commissary, and Gym’s.
I felt safe after POI time while at Joint Base San Antonio.
I was satisfied with the medical care I received (sick call, follow-on appt, Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Physical Exams, and Behavioral Health) while at Joint Base San Antonio.
I was aware of the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) that facilitates the feedback/complaint process for services I received from METC and Joint Base San Antonio.
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