If this is an emergency call 911 or on base call 221-2222.

This survey is to be completed anytime you feel you need assistance with an educational issue that has not improved with routine program support. The focus of this survey is quality of life, education and training issues, general program improvement issues, or this survey can be used to provide program/staff specific positive feedback. This survey DOES NOT replace the reporting requirements of other significant issues (e.g. discrimination complaints or grievances) as other formal reporting mechanisms are required to be utilized.

It is critical that you attempt to resolve the issue using routine program support BEFORE completing an Anytime Assistance Student Survey. Surveys are delivered to senior non-instructional staff who will attempt to resolve such issues immediately or within 48 business hours if possible. If the issue can not be resolved or reasonably explained directly, staff will refer the issue to appropriate authority for further student assistance.

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