Graduating Senior Survey

This survey is part of an ongoing process to help improve the quality of education at JSU. The information you provide will assist the faculty, staff, and administration to learn more about the effectiveness of our programs and the needs of our students. As a graduating senior, you are knowledgeable about many areas of the University. We are asking you to help us identify areas where you feel we are doing a good job and areas where we need to improve.
Your participation in this is important to us. Please take the time to answer completely and accurately.
The information you provide will be held in confidence and used solely for research and planning purposes. No reports will identify you as an individual.

1. How would you rate the quality of your major overall and in each of the following areas:
TopicsPoorFairGoodExcellentDon't know
a. Overall quality
b. Instruction in 300-400 level courses in my major
c. Practical experiences (practica, labs, internships, clinicals, etc.) in my major
d. Students in my major
e. Major courses as preparation for employment after graduation
f. Major courses as preparation for graduate or professional school
g. Curricular advising in my major
h. Career advising in my major
i. Classroom facilities in my major department
j. Professionalism of faculty & staff in my major
2. How adequate were each of the following for courses in your major:
TopicsInadequateAdequateMore than
a. Computer labs/facilities
b. Laboratory facilities (other than computers)
c. Library books and materials
3. How often did you do each of the following in your major:
a. Conducted or assisted in a research project
b. Applied concepts learned in my major to solve actual problems
c. Expressed ideas in writing in courses in my major
d. Expressed ideas orally in courses in my major
e. How often did a faculty member in your major express special interest in your progress?
4. To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements about your major:
a. Grading procedures in my major courses were fair
b. Requirements in my major were explained clearly
c. My advisor was willing to help me
d. Program faculty were professionally competent
e. Program faculty were effective teachers
f. At least one professor worked closely with me
g. Faculty in my major were accessible outside of class
h. Faculty in my major were approachable
i. The fundamental theories in my field were taught
j. The current research methods in my field were taught
k. Sufficient practical training in my field was provided
l. Courses in my major were intellectually stimulating
5. For each of the goals listed, indicate in the "Preparation" column how well you think you were prepared by your experiences at JSU, and how important the goal is to you in the "Importance" column, using the drop-down menu.
a. Writing effectively
b. Speaking effectively
c. Listening effectively
d. Reading comprehension
e. Making formal presentations
f. Knowing how to access the information needed in one's professional position
g. Using computers to search for and retrieve information
h. Basic computer skills (word-processing, spreadsheets, etc.)
i. Technical computer skills (programming, etc.)
j. Understanding and using mathematics
k. Understanding and using statistics
l. Analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information
m. Defining and solving problems
n. Thinking objectively about beliefs, attitudes, and values
o. Having tolerance for different points of view
p. Understanding the present as it relates to historical events and processes
q. Understanding international issues
r. Understanding interaction of people and their environment
s. Understanding another culture and language
t. Understanding and applying scientific principles and methods
u. Understanding and appreciating art, music, literature, and theater
v. Knowledge of the principles of good mental and physical health
w. Resolving interpersonal conflict
x. Working cooperatively and as a team member
y. Working with people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds
z. Understanding and exercising one's rights, responsibilities, and privileges as a citizen
za. Specialized occupational skills and knowledge
zb. Recognizing and acting upon ethical principles
zc. Conducting work activities in an ethical manner
zd.Making and exercising a lifelong commitment to learning
6. How satisfied are you with the following areas of the University:
a. Testing/grading system
b. Course content in your major
c. General registration procedures
d. Variety of courses offered
e. Availability of needed courses
f. Out-of-class availability of your instructors
g. Class size
h. Availability of computers
i. Student voice in University policy
j. Student Government Association
k. Rules governing student conduct
l. Campus cultural programs
m. Opportunities for involvement in campus activities
n. Concern for you as an individual
o. Racial/ethnic harmony
p. Attitude of non-teaching staff toward students
q. Personal security on campus
7. How satisfied are you with the University housing:
Does not
a. Residence halls
b. Residence hall rules & regulations
c. Personal safety in residence halls
d. University-owned apartments
8. This question asks about services/activities you may have used or participated while at JSU. If you used a service or participated in an activity, please indicate below the degree of your satisfaction with that service or activity. If you did not use or participate the service/activity, please select "N/A", not applicable.
a. Student Financial Services (formerly -Financial Aid)
b. Food court & Cafeteria
c. Parking facilities and services
d. Student Health Services (infirmary)
e. University Bookstore
f. JSU-sponsored social activities
g. Recreational & intramural sports
h. Stephenson Gym facilities
i. College orientation program
j. Greek organizations
k. Library
l. Testing services
m. Honors courses
n. Classroom facilities
o. Laboratory facilities
p. Computer labs
q. Hybrid/Blended Courses
r. Online courses through Distance Education
s. Internet registration
t. Transcript services
u. Veterans services
v. Controller's Office
w. Student Accounts Office(payments window)
x. Payroll Office
y. Police services (e.g., response, police patrols)
z. Academic Advisement Office
za. Career services offered by Career Services Office
zb. Cooperative Education
zc. Disability Support Services (DSS)
zd. Counseling services
ze. Services offered by Department of Learning Skills
zf. Supplemental learning/tutoring
zg. Gamecock Express (bus system)
zh. Overall satisfaction with your education at JSU
9. To what extent do you agree with the statement "JSU is the friendliest campus in the South."
5% Complete