First Year Student Orientation Survey

1. What is your group number? (Select one)
2. Which Meeting by Major did you attend? (Select one and provide any comments you might have in the Comments box below.)
  1. School of Arts & Humanities
  2. School of Business & Industry
  3. School of Education
  4. School of Health Professions & Wellness
  5. School of Human Services & Social Sciences
  6. School of Science
3. Please rate the Orientation with respect to the following elements and provide any comments you might have in the Comments box below.
Morning Session:
         1. Check-in
         2. Opening Session
         3. Morning Meeting with GO! Leader & GO! Specialist
         4. Student Services with GO! Leader
         5. Lunch
         6. Helpfulness of Orientation Staff
Afternoon Session:
         1. Meeting by Major
         2. Academic Advisement
         3. Registration Process
         4. Helpfulness of Advisement Staff
         5. Helpfulness of Registration Staff
Information provided in Orientation Brochure
Overall satisfaction with Orientation
4. Please indicate your ability to do each of the following tasks using a scale of 1 to 5, with 1=lowest rating and 5=highest rating. For any tasks you check 1 or 2, please explain in the Comments box below.

After participating in various sessions during orientation, I am confident that ...
1. I know how to use my JSU e-mail.
2. I know how to use MyJSU.
3. I know how to accept financial aid awards.
4. I understand that I must maintain at least a 2.0 to remain eligible to receive financial aid. 
5. I know how to enroll in a payment plan and make payments on my account.
6. I am able to locate information concerning university housing on JSU’s website.
7. I know that there are different meal plans for the cafeteria at JSU, and I can find details about them on the Jack Hopper Dining Hall page.
8. I know how to order a parking decal.
9. I am able to access the academic and events calendars on JSU’s website.
10. I know how to locate the final exam schedule.
11. I understand that there are minimum academic requirements at JSU, and I can locate these requirements on JSU’s website.
12. I understand that there are minimum academic requirements, and I must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA to remain in good academic standing.
13. I know I must go to the office of my desired major to change my major if a change is needed.
14. I am aware of the JSU Code of Conduct, which includes policies on drugs and alcohol that I am required to follow.
15. I understand that I must take STU 101 (First-Year Student Experience Course) during my first semester at JSU.
16. I understand that JSU has a common reading program, and I will receive my book at the end of Orientation.
17. I am able to search for classes when registering on MyJSU through Schedule Planner.
18. I know how to register for classes.
19. I know how to enroll in financial aid direct deposits.
20. I know how to view class schedules in different format.
5. What is your overall impression of JSU?
6. What is your Orientation date? (Select one)

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