LifeSigns Certification - Application
LifeSigns Certified Consultant – Application


A LifeSigns Certification enables you to leverage your experience, gifts, and insights to help pastors and church leaders fulfill three biblical mandates:
  • Mandate #1 to “Know well the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds” – Proverbs 27:23

  • Mandate #2 to “Equip people for works of service, so the body of Christ may be built up.” – Ephesians 4:12

  • Mandate #3 to “Make disciples of all nations…” – Matthew 28:19

  • What are we looking for?
    Leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds can be successful as Certified LifeSigns Consultants. In addition to relevant experience, we’re looking for leaders who have a passion for the local church, a desire to help pastors lead with boldness, and a calling to carry the gospel of grace to a world without hope.

    Please let us know you understand this application is not a guarantee of employment, services, or contracting payments. (Don't you just love attorneys?)

    Thanks for taking a few minutes to share about yourself. When you hit "Submit" I'll get your application immediately. I'll get back to you within two business days to schedule a time to talk. In the meantime, I'll send you a six-page PDF titled "LifeSigns Certified Consultant - Overview." It covers our certification process, support, and contractor fee schedule.

    Thank You!

    Scott Watson
    Founder, LifeSigns Partners

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