I am a:
What year will you (your child) begin college?
1) What would be your "dream" college? What college would you most like to attend (or see your child attend) if chance of being accepted or cost were not an issue? (Please write complete name of the school, e.g. "University of Oklahoma," not initials such as "OU" which could also be an abbreviation for Ohio University.)
2) How many colleges will you (your child) apply to?
3) What is/will be the toughest part of your (your child's) college application experience?
4) Which college admission exam do you (your child) plan to (or have taken)?  
4a) How likely is it that you (your child) will take both the ACT® and the SAT®?
5) How would you rate the college application guidance and support you (your child) have (has) received from your (your child's) high school college advisor / guidance counselor?
6) What do you estimate your (or your child's) college degree will cost, including four years of tuition, room & board, fees, books and other expenses?
7) How necessary will financial aid - education loans, scholarships or grants - be to pay for your (your child’s) college education?
8) What's your biggest concern about your (your child's) college applications?
9) How would you gauge your stress level about the college application process?
10) Ideally, how far from home would you like the college you (your child) attend(s) to be?
11) When it comes to choosing the college you (your child) will attend, which of the following do you think it is most likely to be?
12) If you (your child) had a way to compare colleges based on their reputation with regard to their career services offerings, how much would this affect your (your child’s) decision to apply to or attend a school?
13) If you (your child) had a way to compare colleges based on their commitment to environmental "green" issues (e.g. practices concerning energy use, recycling, etc. or academic offerings), how much would this affect your (your child’s) decision to apply to or attend a school?
14) What will be the biggest benefit of your (your child) getting a college degree?
15) On the whole, do you believe college will be "worth it" for you (your child)?
What advice would you give to college applicants or parents of applicants going through this experience next year?

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