National Firearms Act Division (NFA) and Firearms and Explosives Services Division (FESD) Customer Service Survey

Rules of Behavior

Before accessing this survey, please review the Rules of Behavior which are listed below. By submitting a survey on this web site, you agree to abide by the following rules:

1. I agree not to disclose any information which is intended solely for official ATF business (i.e., on a need-to-know basis). ATF documents or information that contains Controlled Unclassified (formerly referred to as Law Enforcement Sensitive and/or For Official Use Only).

2. I agree to abide by all ATF orders regarding employee conduct, OPSEC, and Information Security. I agree to abide by ATF H 7250.1 Automated Information System Security Program. (ATF Employees Only)

3. I agree to be respectful of others’ ideas and to submit ideas which are appropriate. I will not use profanity, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate language. I understand that ATF moderators can see all my idea submissions. The moderators have the right to excise any submissions which contain profanity, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate language.

4. Submitters will have the opportunity to provide contact information (voluntarily), as well as suggestions. Information provided that presents Personally Identifiable Information (PII) should be kept at a minimum. Information provided that presents Business Sensitive or Trade Secret insight should excluded. Should you need to present a submission that contains this type of information, you should contact your Servicing Center directly.

Do you agree with these Rules of Behavior?
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