ISPA Emerging Business Membership Stipend Application

ISPA's Emerging Business Membership Stipend program helps new businesses cover the majority of the cost of an annual ISPA membership with a goal of providing access to invaluable resources that will help businesses thrive in the spa industry.  

If you would like for your company to be considered for a stipend, please complete the application below.  If selected, the stipend covers $500 of the annual membership fee.  The remaining balance due is dependent upon the membership type selected and must be paid prior to the activation of the membership. Applications are reviewed within one work week and up to six stipends are awarded each month.  Consideration is made in the order the applications are received.  Companies can receive up to two annual stipends during their first three years of business. 

Eligibility Requirements:
• Business must have opened within three years of the application date.
• Business can have no more than 12 employees (includes full, part-time and contract employees).
• Total revenue for the previous year must not exceed $400,000.
• Business must qualify as a spa, vendor or service provider based on ISPA’s definitions.
• Business cannot be a subsidiary or secondary brand affiliated with an organization that does not meet the above requirements as well.  

Do you acknowledge the company applying for the ISPA Emerging Business Membership Stipend meets the above eligibility criteria?
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