Mental Well-Being & Resilience Learning Community

The Minnesota Department of Health is sponsoring a monthly opportunity for anyone who is interested in building resilience and promoting mental well-being in community to learn, dream and plan together.
Learn:  Details about unique and effective well-being strategies and practical implementation steps from communities across Minnesota, including current local initiatives in your community.

Dream:  About ways to create thriving communities, families and youth.

Plan:  Community and state action plans.  Explore and develop opportunities to partner with people in your community who are interested mental well-being and resilience.  

This is an interactive monthly statewide webinar and local discussion. Each location will have a host and facilitator who can access and broadcast the webinar. The typical agenda is:
•    Welcoming and important announcements (10 minutes)
•    Presentation (30-45 minutes)
•    Questions (15 minutes)
•    Local Dialogue (30-45 minutes)
•    Local Sharing (10-15 minutes)

Webinars will profile innovative strategies to promote mental well-being, emphasizing community-based and community-driven initiatives. Gatherings will include practice discussions, sharing similar efforts in your location, relevant research or resources, networking, and planning next steps.

More Information: Check out the Mental Health Promotion website

Please plan to attend if you register.

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