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Thank you for contacting the Minnesota Department of Health about testing your water.  At this time, only drinking water wells located within the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s (MPCA) “priority sampling area” will be added to our sampling list. Please check the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Interactive Map (link opens in a new window) to be sure your well is eligible.                                                                        

Please provide as much information below as you are able.  The order in which your well is sampled will depend on its location relative to areas where the PFC contamination exceeds levels of health concern – wells closer to and down gradient (i.e. in the direction of groundwater flow) of such areas will be sampled before wells located further away or up gradient of such areas.  When it is time to sample your well, you will be contacted by the MPCA’s contractor– you do not need to be present unless the sample has to be collected inside, in which case they will make an appointment with you.

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This video has information about why the Minnesota Department of Health is sampling private wells in south Washington County for PFAS, what the sampling process is, where we find PFAS in southern Washington County and how we decide which private wells to sample.

See Video:
PFAS Sampling in South Washington County (link opens in a new window)

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