Evaluation for Webinar 2: Understanding Client Immunization Records

Select your level of comfort for each of the following questions.
TopicsNot comfortableSomewhat comfortableComfortableVery comfortableExtremely comfortable
How comfortable are you with using the MIIC forecaster to see which vaccines a client needs?
How comfortable are you with understanding when to use the bulk query function?
How comfortable are you with identifying the different ways to get data into MIIC?
How comfortable are you with using the MIIC spreadsheet template to add or update data in MIIC?
When you use the MIIC spreadsheet template, you can change the fields and/or move columns around?
Do you know more than you did before this webinar on how data gets into MIIC?
Overall, do you feel like the objectives of the webinar were met?

Upon submitting the evaluation, you will be directed to a PDF of your certificate of participation to print or save for your records. 

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