Vital Record Surcharge Reporting

Minnesota Statutes, section 144.226, establishes fees for vital records documents. All vital records offices must collect the fees established in law. Offices keep a $9 administrative fee for each request they review and process and remit all other vital record surcharges to Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB).
Minnesota Administrative Rule 4601.0400 sets the administrative fee to $2, plus any applicable surcharges under law, for each additional copy of a record if a person requests multiple copies of a record in the same transaction.

Vital record fees and surcharges, select to open an accessible PDF version in a new window

Please remit surcharges to MMB each month. Calculate the amount to pay MMB based on the fees you collected. Use this page to report to OVR information about the surcharges your office remitted to MMB the previous month.

Report this information by the 10th of the month.

Please use the web reporting form (All fields are required):

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