Thank you for your interest in the Minnesota Asthma Friendly Schools Mini-Grant Program.  

Before beginning your application, please review the Funding Criteria to ensure your project meets the grant requirements. 

As a reminder, all applicants must complete all sections of the application.  Specifically:
  • You will need to provide your state school district vendor number.  Your business office should provide the number or you can apply for this number here.
  • Provide contact information and approval from your school or district administrator so that we know your school or district health office supports your application.
  • Provide contact information for any outside partners or organizations with whom you plan to work and a short explanation of the nature of their contribution to the project.
  • Provide details that show how asthma affects students in your school or district and how this grant will help your school and students improve asthma control.
  • Include a brief description of how you plan to partner with others to build, implement, and sustain your asthma programming once mini-grant funding is gone.
  • Develop realistic, measurable goals for each project.

After the application is submitted, an MDH Asthma Staff member will contact you to set up a time to discuss your application and gather any additional information that may be needed. Please contact Susan Ross with any questions about the application process. 

It may be beneficial to draft your answers to questions in a Word document so that you can easily cut and paste your responses into the application fields, however there is a save function to allow you to begin the application and return at a later time. 
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