Level 3 and 4 Trauma Hospital Designation Criteria Change Suggestions

Use this form to contribute ideas about how the Level 3 or Level 4 Trauma Hospital Designation Criteria can be improved.

Ideas that focus on improving patient outcomes or improving trauma system functionality and efficiency are more likely to be considered than ideas that address the desires of an individual hospital, EMS agency, or health care discipline.

While the State Trauma Advisory Council continuously reviews suggestions and addresses circumstances requiring immediate changes, comprehensive revisions to the designation criteria are undertaken less frequently in order to maintain stability and continuity in the trauma system.

Are your ideas specific to the Level 3 or Level 4 Designation Criteria?
Into what general domain do your ideas fit?

To help staff clearly understand your comments, consider addressing these questions in your response:
  • What is the problem, weakness, or shortcoming that your suggestion seeks to correct?
  • Describe how your proposed solution will positively impact the trauma system.
  • Describe any potential negative consequences if your suggestion were to be implemented.
  • Provide any scientific or clinical citations to support your suggestion.

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