Opiate Antagonist Protocol Registration


In 2016, the Minnesota Legislature responded to the increase in statewide opioid overdoses by passing Session Law, Chapter 124. One of the goals of this legislation is to increase the availability of naloxone through pharmacies across Minnesota.


Individual pharmacists and group pharmacies can enter the Board of Pharmacy’s Opiate Antagonist Protocol with the MDH Medical Director by completing this registration form. Group pharmacies must register each location separately. If you would like to register three or more locations, please contact Dana Farley at dana.farley@state.mn.us.

This registration form is required to enter the Opiate Antagonist Protocol with MDH’s Medical Director. You can exit the protocol at any time by filling out this form.

Community Health Board and Local Health Departments

Community Health Boards (CHB) are to designate either a local medical consultant or the MDH Medical Director, as a prescriber of record for naloxone. Local health departments (LHD), independent of their CHB, may also enter the protocol with MDH or a local medical consultant.

This registration form is required to inform MDH of your CHB/LHD’s designation. You can update your designation at any time by filling out this form.

More Information

Visit MDH's website for more information regarding opioid overdose prevention in Minnesota. For questions or concerns, please email Cody Bassett, MPH, Naloxone Coordinator at cody.bassett@state.mn.us or call (651) 201-4244.

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