Call for Comments Tool: Standards and Required Elements for Accreditation of Physical Therapist Assistant Education Programs

This call is your opportunity to provide input to CAPTE about the standards. The document for review is the 2023 PTA Standards and Required Elements Second Draft. You may comment on the elements and/or the evidence of compliance.

Click on the standard below for which you have comments.  In the comments box that appears, indicate the number/letter code for the element(s) you wish to comment on.  Start a new line for each new element. For example, under Standard 1, if you wish to comment on elements 1A and 1C1, your comment would look like this:

1A: Your comment
1C1:  Your comment

You do not have to submit all of your comments at the same time.  As long as you click "Submit Comments" at the bottom of the screen, your comments for that session will be submitted.   If you wish to provide additional comments on a standard, select that standard again, then continue entering your comments, making sure to reference the number/letter code.

Physical Therapist Assistant Education Programs: Standards and Required Elements

Standard 1

Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 4
Standard 5
Standard 6

Standard 7

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