UCISA Corporate Information Systems Survey 2023

Any personal data collected in this survey will be published in the full version of the survey which is accessible only to Full Institutional ucisa members via a login. The purpose of publishing contact details to ucisa members is to allow members of the community to contact one another about matters relating to the survey. This data may be used by members of the project team for the purposes of project administration, for example, to clarify a response you may have given. In addition to this use, we are building a list of contacts to facilitate the dissemination and completion of future surveys. The intention is to use the responses from this year to produce personalised, institution specific copies of the survey and will allow data submitted this year to be presented as the basis for future surveys. You are not obliged to enter your personal data.
Personal data will be held in accordance with UCISA’s Privacy Policy – see https://www.ucisa.ac.uk/Privacy-notices
To help complete this survey, please do contact admin@ucisa.ac.uk should you wish to have your answers from last year emailed to you.

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