2018 EAP Benchmark Survey

Confidentiality Agreement and Consent to Use

RPMG Research Corporation maintains a policy of strict confidentiality with respect to your responses to this survey.  RPMG Research Corporation, its employees and agents, shall keep all individual responses to the “2018 Electronic Accounts Payable Benchmark Survey” confidential and shall not disclose the responses to any person or other entity.  In addition, all information, analysis, responses, and other data that is specific to or identifies a specific EAP provider shall be kept confidential and only released to that specific provider.  This confidentiality agreement will apply to any person in the employment of or assisting RPMG Research Corporation in the analysis of survey data or compilation of survey results.  Notwithstanding the fact that individual responses are and shall remain confidential, the aggregated responses of survey participants shall be made public in benchmark results, professional presentations, and published and unpublished documents authored by RPMG Research Corporation personnel bound by this agreement. 

By providing responses to this survey, you agree to allow RPMG Research Corporation to combine your response with others to create survey reports, presentations, and other analyses that describe best use and value delivered by Electronic Accounts Payable.  (Required)

Note: Without consent, you may not participate in the survey.  If you would like to obtain more information about the survey or our benchmark reports, please contact Professor Richard Palmer by email (richard.palmer@RPMGresearch.net) or phone (618.559.5137).  

Please note: 

The 2018 Electronic Accounts Payable Benchmark Survey, including questions and other content herein, is the copyrighted work of Richard Palmer and Mahendra Gupta of RPMG Research Corporation.  Any use or duplication of the questions or content of this survey without the express written consent of the authors will be a violation of United States copyright law.

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