Welcome to the BAE Systems, Inc. Defending 22 Challenge! The Defending 22 Challenge is about motivating BAE Systems, Inc. employees to participate in health, mindfulness and wellness activities to raise awareness around veterans' mental health. We are honored that you're considering taking part in this challenge, and look forward to cheering you on as you work on improving yourself and supporting our veterans.

Before we start, we need a bit of information so that we can make the donation to your preferred organization as well as share materials to help you achieve your goal!
Please note that your information is being collected solely for the purpose of participating in the Defending 22 Challenge. If you choose to enter a personal health goal, we will not share it without your permission. The collection and processing of information may be performed worldwide and may include countries that do not have data protection legislation equivalent to your home area. By providing your information you consent to any such transfers.

Any personal data shared, including your challenge category, will be used only for that purpose. Where information is shared it will be within the businesses owned or managed by BAE Systems, Inc. The retention of the information you provide will be in accordance with the BAE Systems, Inc. Records Management Policy.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your site POC or email inc.defending22@baesystems.com. If you require a copy of your information or any corrections to be made to it, then please email inc.defending22@baesystems.com.

Which category will you be participating in?
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