Education Specialist CalTPA Assessor Qualifications

Pearson offers compensation packages that reward exceptional quality and productivity. Scoring is generally compensated at $37 per cycle scored, with training paid $19/hr.

To be eligible to score the Education Specialist California Teaching Performance Assessment (EdSpec CalTPA), an applicant MUST meet the following requirements and attest to these requirements at least once annually.


Be a current (or retired within the last 3 years) California education specialist in one (1) or more of the following capacities:
  • University/program educator providing instruction to education specialist candidates within a CTC-accredited teacher preparation program
  • Field supervisor
  • Mentor or master teacher
  • Education Specialist
  • Birth–22 administrator (e.g., principal, assistant principal)


Have expertise in the specialty area assigned to score in one (1) or more of the following ways:
  • Hold a current California Level II Education Specialist Instruction Credential / Clear Education Specialist Teaching Credential, or added authorization (e.g. Early Childhood Special Education)
  • National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) in Special Education
  • Have university teaching experience in the specialty content area
  • Hold a degree in Special Education


Adhere to the following confidentiality requirements: 
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the assessment materials and knowledge gained as a result of participating in scoring the assessment, and will not share information with anyone (e.g., candidates, colleagues, etc.) without direct permission from the Commission and Pearson.
  • Agree not to participate in any professional activity, beyond employment in a Birth–22 school/district/county office or institution that requires candidates to use a CA-approved performance assessment, that results in payment for services related to supporting candidates in completing any CA-approved performance assessment. For example, TPA independent tutoring or consulting positions. 

REQUIREMENT #4: Reside in the state of California

In order to score candidate submissions, assessors must complete the requisite training and meet the established calibration standards. Assessors will be paid for time spent in training, calibration, and scoring submissions.

Qualification Verification:

To verify employment, the application requests your supervisor contact information and credential details (if applicable). This information will be used for verification purposes only. 

Education Specialist CalTPA Assessor – Working from Home