An Optimized Back-Office Management Process

An optimized back office is one in which there is a standardized framework and management process across the organization to gather, measure and manage key performance data that is:

1. Holistic–provides a view of the entire operation, and
2. Actionable–provides insight that drives effective decision making.  

Who should take this assessment

Operational Managers, Directors, and Executives responsible for the processing of product and service transactions.  These roles likely have multiple groups or roles reporting into them and are held accountable for the success of their group/division/function. 
This survey is intended for “white collar” processing functions, not industrial manufacturing or fabrication. 

What you will get

This assessment should take about 8 minutes to complete.  At the end, you will receive your ranking against the Five Components of an Optimized Back-Office Management Process, and recommendations on how to improve in each area:


For completing the survey, you will receive a complimentary copy of the 2018 benchmark report based on 2017 survey responses. The report will enable you to compare your rankings with your peers.

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