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All schools with pre-k programs must administer the Early Screening Inventory – Revised (ESI-R) or a comparable developmental screening to all children, in English, except those with IEPs, within 45 calendar days of their entrance into school and all data must be entered within 21 calendar days of each student's screen. 

The ESI-R is designed to capture potential developmental delays, possible giftedness, and whether English language acquisition support is needed. 

Teachers administering developmental screenings should take into consideration the needs and backgrounds of the children they are screening, and ensure that they are being culturally, linguistically, and developmentally responsive. 

Whenever possible, please submit one material order per school/ site.  Be sure to fill out the survey request completely. 

If you have any questions regarding ESI-R  or ESI-R materials, please email Michael Greenberg at  
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