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The State regulation on the use of Response to Intervention (RTI) in elementary school literacy takes effect in the 2012-13 school year. To support implementation, the RTI Overview and RTI Reference Guide were shared in School Support Weekly and Principals’ Weekly in June and are now available on a new RTI Intranet page, which will be regularly updated with additional resources.

School-based teams are invited to complete this brief, optional survey about RTI professional development interests by September 14.

Please contact your Network RTI point with any questions.
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I am interested in the following RTI professional development topics (select all that apply):
Overview of RTI - policies, requirements, systems & structures, introduction to core elements
Systems & Structures- implementation considerations, the RTI team, documenting student data, tracking
Assessment- assessment protocols and documentation options useful across all tiers of service; universal screening tools, diagnostic assessments, ongoing progress monitoring tools
Building Reading Fluency (AM)- this three-hour workshop will have an optional afternoon supplement. The morning session will focus on the definition and research base for fluency, and the relationship to proficient reading. Tier 1 strategies for building fluency will be presented, along with options for documentation of student data.
Building Reading Fluency (PM)- this two-hour supplement to the Building Reading Fluency morning session will focus on the use of Great Leaps. Great Leaps is a low-tech, low-cost, research-based fluency building option. Topics include: guidance on using the program at all tiers of RTI, and delivery and recording protocols. This workshop is open only to participants who already own the program or who are intending to purchase it. Attendance at the morning session is required.
Building Phonemic Awareness- this three-hour workshop will provide definition and background for this critical area in reading acquisition. Topics include typical development, assessment, and role in a tiered structure. A wide range of highly engaging, interactive activities will be modeled.
Vocabulary and Background Knowledge- this three-hour workship will provide a tour of Tier 1 strategies to build and use vocabulary and background knowledge, including support strategies.
Comprehension, Two Critical Strands- this full-day workshop will focus on two research-supported areas in reading comprehension; self-questioning strategies and the use of text structure supports to scaffold comprehension for students who struggle in this area. The 2.5 hour morning session will focus on teaching self-questioning strategies to boost interaction with text. A wide range of strategies will be highlighted, such as ReQest, QAR, Reciprocal Teaching, QAD, FQR, Guide-o-Rama, and KWL.  The 2.5 hour afternoon session will focus on using graphic organizers to build comprehension of text. A range of text-based graphic supports which scaffold complex texts for struggling readers will be presented.
RtI in Writing- this three-hour workshop will present writing scaffolds that are useful in each tier and will explore challenges that impact upon writing which can be addressed in the Tier 1 setting.
Case Studies in Motion- this three-hour workship will present a composite case study of student movement through the RTI tiers and back, highlighting methods of assessment.

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