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Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI) 2014-15 application

Thank you for your interest. The New York City Department of Education's (DOE) Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI), in partnership with Baruch College, is a one-year leadership development program for high-performing principals, network, cluster, or central leaders. Taught by current DOE leaders, ALI combines theory with clinically-rich learning experiences to develop the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes necessary to effectively lead at the systems-level.

Participants accepted into ALI will be eligible for reduced tuition fees through Baruch College. Those who meet and demonstrate success will receive a certificate of completion from the DOE and be considered for New York State School District Leader (SDL) certification.

The application process includes three steps:

              Step 1:     Complete ALI 2014-2015 online application and s
ubmit supplementary documents (electronically)
              Step 2:     If selected to move forward, you will be contacted to participate in a formal interview process  
                              (note: additional documentation will be requested prior to the interview)
              Step 3:     Selection decisions

Please make preparations to complete this application in one sitting. The Quick Start Guide is available on our website for viewing application requirements in detail.           


     º  Current DOE employee–in good standing
Minimum of three years in a DOE leadership role (principal, network, cluster, or central) as of June 2014
     º  At least three years of teaching experience (Teacher/PPS State Certification)
     º  Prior certification in School Building Leadership (SBL)
     º  A minimum of 45 graduate credits which must include a master's degree
     º  Must already possess School District Leader (SDL) certification or expect to receive SDL certification through ALI
     º  Must not be the recipient of negative findings in an DOE investigation

Step 1.1: Advanced Leadership Institute 2014-15 online application

1. Complete the ALI online application. Be sure to include:
        º  School Building Leader (SBL) certification information (required)
        º  School District Leader (SDL) certification information (if applicable)
        º  Participation in any DOE leadership development programs

You will be prompted to submit three essays on the last page of this online application. Please feel free to complete beforehand, and to copy and paste into the submission form.

Essay #1: Statement of Purpose (250 word limit):

Complete a statement of purpose describing why you are interested in pursuing the School District Leadership (SDL) certification with the DOE's Advanced Leadership Institute.

Essay #2: Demonstrated Instructional Leadership (500 word limit):

Provide examples of your track record in developing and implementing a school or system-wide initiative to drive student achievement, particularly for struggling students, and in designing and delivering meaningful professional development.  The narrative should provide details on a single initiative you have implemented that has led to significant student gains, and should include:

     º  Leadership in development and implementation
     º  High-leverage strategies utilized
     º  Professional development provided
     º  Adjustments based on assessments and data collection
     º  Evidence of impact (for adults and students)

Essay #3: Systems-level Leadership (500 word limit):
Describe a systems-level challenge that the DOE currently faces and offer a solution to that challenge. Detail the ways in which you would address the challenge, and describe your role in development and implementation.

Your suggestion should be ambitious but achievable, solutions-oriented (i.e. at least an equal balance between describing the challenge and your proposed solution), and as specific as possible.

Step 1.2: Submit supplementary documents electronically

2. Submit supplementary documents via e-mail to (Subject line MUST read "ALI 2014-15 supplementary e-documents"):

     º  Resumé or curriculum vitae
          •  Filename must be saved in this format (Last_First_ALI_Resume_Date)
     º  Two letters of recommendations
          •  Letters of recommendation should be written on formal letterhead, be specific to this program, and should outline your exceptional candidacy in pursuing School District Leader (SDL) certification
               (1)  One recommendation from your current supervisor
                    •  Filename must be saved in this format (Last_First_ALI_Current_Sup_Date)
               (2)  One recommendation from your former supervisor
                    •  Filename must be saved in this format (Last_First_ALI_Former_Sup_Date)

Any materials received after 5:00p.m. EST on June 5, 2014 will be null and void.

Final deadline for all materials: 5:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, June 5, 2014

Questions? E-mail

Thank you for your interest in ALI. We look forward to receiving your application.

Next steps: if you are selected to move forward in the application process, you will be contacted.


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