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Seller Type Categories:
Dealer Consignment - Vehicles consigned by a franchised, independent or wholesale dealer.

Finance & Fleet (Lease/fleet/repo)
- Vehicles consigned by a bank, credit union, other financial institution, leasing company, rental car company, fleet management company, captive finance arm of a manufacturer, municipalities or directly by a company or business.

Manufacturer (Factory)
- Vehicles consigned by an OEM that are typically limited for purchase to their franchised dealers. These vehicles are predominantly company cars or buybacks from rental and fleet companies. Vehicles consigned by the captive finance arm of a manufacturer would be excluded from this category and should be included in the Finance & Fleet category.

- Any vehicles consigned that do not fall into one of the consignor categories listed above.

Units Entered - The number of vehicles offered for sale (not to be confused with the number of vehicles entered into inventory).

Units Sold - The number of vehicles sold, net of any voided transactions.

Vehicle Types:   
Passenger - Cars, light duty trucks, vans, SUVs, etc.   

- Salvage vehicles have either been branded salvage or total loss or have been classified as salvage by the seller based upon the condition of the vehicle.  Typically, these vehicles are purchased for parts.

-  Non-passenger vehicles such as RVs, campers, boats, motorcycles, personal watercraft, powersports, heavy and medium duty trucks, trailers and equipment.

Internet Auctions:   
Online (excluding Simulcasting) - Selling vehicles online via interactive bidding by online participants only, or for a fixed price without competitive bidding (i.e. bulletin board/buy now sales). These sales would typically occur via an online only selling system such as OVE, Simulcast Everywhere, DealerBlock, OPENLANE, SmartAuction, etc.   

- Internet auctions via real-time interactive bidding integrated with a physical sale (re: Online Ringman, LiveBlock, and Simulcast).

Total 2013 Payroll - Total part-time, full-time, and administrative employee payroll for 2013.

Total 2013 Contracted Services
- Total cost for hired help (contract or temporary labor) not included in auction payroll.


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