Red Balloon Project Group Leader Training Form
Learning centered…It’s where we're going

1. Please fill in the information below:
Leader's name:
Cell phone number:
Land line number:

2. Names of attendees:

3. The meeting was held:

4. The topics the Group focused on: (Select all that apply)
Student learning centered in citizenship and leadership
Student learning centered in academic programs
Learning centered in scholarship for faculty and staff
Student learning centered in co-curricular activities
Student learning centered in technology and distance education
JSU as a learning organization
Student learning centered in administrative and alumni services

5. Please answer the following questions:
What does a Learning Centered University look like?
What will JSU, as a Learning Centered University, look like in five years ?
What values will influence our decision-making?
What would our mission be?
How do we have to change to be more Learning Centered?
How is it different from JSU now?
What are our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in becoming more Learning Centered?
What are some strategies that will help us reach our vision (organize by the seven University goals)?
How can my department focus on being more learning centered?
What e-goals and e-objectives can we develop that support improved learning outcomes?
Who benefits from learning in our department?
What goals and objectives can improve their learning?

6. The next step(s):

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