Riverview - 2018
Welcome to LifeSigns!

Dear Friends-

LifeSigns can help you answer two extremely important questions: "How am I doing, really?" and "What's next?"

To learn how, please watch the short video below.

LifeSigns is NOT a test. It's a conversation with God. LifeSigns will gently guide you through a candid conversation with your Heavenly Father, so you can take the next steps in your spiritual journey.

Take your time. Typically, people devote between 15 and 45 minutes to this conversation with God. Some people even spend several hours over the span of days. It's totally up to you.

At any point you can SAVE your LifeSigns and come back to it later. Once you've completed LifeSigns, you'll get a 24-page Personal Growth Plan that will help you take next steps in your walk with Christ.

Enjoy your time with Him!

Anthony Pratt
Lead Pastor
Riverview Community Church

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