MN WIC Breastfeeding Promotion and Support Comments and Suggestions

Suggestion box / survey objectives:

- Obtain ideas from local WIC staff on how WIC can continue to build breastfeeding support for participants.
- Identify breastfeeding- related materials that would be useful to visually enhance WIC clinics.
- Collect information on breastfeeding promotion and support approaches that are working in local WIC agencies so the information can be shared with other local WIC agencies.
- Identify lactation – related training needs for local WIC staff.
- Reporting and evaluation needs related to breastfeeding services.

Message to local WIC staff:

Please help us identify what is working to promote and support breastfeeding in WIC and how we can further improve. 

You and others in WIC can complete this survey whenever you have ideas to share about WIC breastfeeding promotion and support.  We will periodically review the responses.  You can complete all, or a portion, of the survey. You can complete the survey whenever you have a comment or idea. 

Questions in the survey relate to:  your new idea, materials to visually enhance WIC clinics, breastfeeding initiation, breastfeeding exclusivity, breastfeeding duration, training, queries or evaluation strategies you have developed or need, and additional comments.


What's Working / What More Can We Do


Queries / Reports

Additional Feedback

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