WXXI "Move to Include" Audience Feedback

"Move to Include" is WXXI's year-long campaign providing a broad range of programming about people who have disabilities of all types. Each and every part of WXXI's year-long "Move to Include" campaign will have a survey like this one linked to it, so we can track the ongoing impact of our programming throughout the year. Thank you for sharing your opinions and insights in the questions below.    

1.     Using TV, radio, and Little Theater films, the "Move to Include" campaign is designed to help open the minds and hearts of our community to people and their disabilities.  Do you see this effort as a great, good, fair or poor idea for a public broadcasting organization like WXXI to undertake?

2 .    Which type of program did you just see or hear?

3.     How did the program you just saw or heard impact you?   Please check any that apply:



5.    Do you have any close friends or family members who have disabilities of any type?

6.    Do you yourself have any type of disability?

7.    Your age:

12 or less teens 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s+

8.    Your gender:

female male


10.     May we share your comments with our viewers and listeners?

Feel free to tell us who you are, but this information is entirely optional:

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Many thanks from WXXI's "Move to Include" team.  

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