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Pearson is the largest comprehensive provider of educational assessment products, services and solutions. As a pioneer in educational measurement, Pearson has been a trusted partner in district, state and national assessments for more than 50 years. Pearson helps educators and parents use testing and assessment to promote learning and academic achievement.

Please complete this survey using both uppercase and lowercase text.

If you have previously applied, please send any updates to your information to instead of submitting a new application.

For your contact information, please use your complete legal name, including middle initial. If you do not have a middle initial please type in a #.

1. Personal Contact Information

2. Employment Contact Information

3. Which languages do you read/write/speak fluently? Please select all that apply.


4. Use the matrix below to indicate the primary major for each degree attained and the institution from which they were issued. Secondary majors may be listed in the Additional Comments box.
Elementary Education English Education Mathematics Education Science Education Special Education Social Science Education English (Literature, Writing) Mathematics Biology Chemistry Earth Science Environ. Science General Science Physics Social Sciences (Psych., Soc., History) Art Health/Kinesology Tech./Computer Science Curriculum/ Instruction Education Teaching ESL Linguistics Other
2-Year Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
EdD Degree
PhD Degree
Additional comments.

5. Which employment positions/types of work have you performed? Please select all that apply.


6. Which educational levels are you certified to teach? Please select all that apply.



8. Which grade levels have you taught in a scholastic setting? Please select all that apply.

9. How many years have you taught in a scholastic setting?

10. Which content areas have you taught in a scholastic setting? Please select all that apply.


11. In what areas of assessment development have you worked? Please check all that apply.


12. What is your work availability?

Please forward a copy of your resume in Word or PDF format only to Thank you for your interest in our test development opportunities. You have completed the first phase of the application process, and we will add your information to our contact files. If your qualifications meet our needs, we may contact you as projects arise that fit your skills.

For any additional questions or comments, please contact us at

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