Hearing Screening Evaluation

The following learning objectives of this hearing screening E-Learning module were met:
TopicsStrongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Discuss the importance of hearing screening and early intervention.
Identify C&TC recommended and required age-appropriate hearing screening procedure.
Identify age appropriate recommended hearing screening equipment and its care.
Identify pass; rescreen, and refer criteria; and documentation.
I feel more confident finding information on hearing screening.
Because of what I learned from this hearing screening training, I intend to make one or
more changes to how I approach child health screenings in my practice setting.
Please describe any change you plan to make:
I would recommend this hearing screening E-Learning training to others.
The following questions evaluate the usability and quality of this E-Learning training.
Usability or ease of navigation
Quality of the graphics and images
Clarity in presentation of the content
Overall quality of content