MIT Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Site Study

MIT Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Site Study


You have been asked to participate in a research study conducted by the Center for Biomedical Innovation Biomanufacturing Research Program (BioMAN) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.).

The purpose of the study is to examine the effect of globalization on biopharmaceutical product manufacturing quality approaches and how firms organize around quality activities.

You should read the information below, and ask questions about anything you do not understand, before deciding whether or not to participate.      

This survey is voluntary.

You have the right not to answer any question, and to stop the interview at any time or for any reason.

We expect that the survey will take 30 - 45 minutes to complete.

You will not be compensated for this survey. 

In any and all publications that may result from this research, the information you tell us will be confidential.

For participation in the survey, the results of our research will be shared with you in the form of a personalized pre-publication report.      

All survey results will be stored in a secure work space until 3 years after submission. The records will then be destroyed.        

Please contact Paul Barone  (e-mail:, phone: 617-253-9604) with any questions or concerns.      

If you feel you have been treated unfairly, or you have questions regarding your rights as a research subject, you may contact the Chairman of the Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects, M.I.T., Room E25-143b, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, phone 1-617-253-6787.

I understand the procedures described above. My questions have been answered to my satisfaction, and I agree to participate in this study.

The introduction of new technologies or methodologies to (bio)pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.
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